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  1. What are the System Requirements to access Bigger Brains?

    a. Bigger Brains works on most devices with a web browser, including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Chrome 4+. Javascript and Flash are required for some features. The Auditorium function does not fully support Chrome browsers. In addition a special mobile-friendly version of Bigger Brains works on any iOS 3+ devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and any Android 2.2+ devices.

  2. How can I add custom courses for my Organization?

    a. At this time adding courses must be handled through our Support team. Contact Us for our easy instructions.

  3. Can I share my login with another person?

    a. You can, as long as you a) Never tell us you did that, b) don't login at the same time, c) don't mind the other person's test scores being on your account, and d) don't mind them accessing your private messages, test scores, and other online information. But, c'mon, they can get their own login for $17 – what a deal!

  4. How can I add an App for Bigger Brains on my iPhone or iPad?

    a. Browse to “” from your iPhone or iPad. Click the "Add Bookmark" button and choose "Add to Home Screen". This will add an icon for Bigger Brains to your Home Screen. A full App is in development.