Sales 102: Handling Objections

FREE Sample Module from our Sales 102 course

“Can I help you find something?”  “No thanks, I’m just looking.”  In any sales situation objections are inevitable, often times just because they are an automatic response.  In this training course professional Sales Trainer Marisa Pensa helps you to build killer responses to the most likely objections.  You’ll learn:

  • The five categories of objections, and how to deal with each
  • Three proven steps to make a prospect more comfortable with you
  • How to use “Ledge Questions” to turn around obstinate prospects
  • When to keep trying, and when to move on when dealing with defensive prospects

This 30 minute high quality HD video is produced in the engaging Bigger Brains Teacher/Learner style!

Price: Included in Basic Membership ($17 per month)



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