Microsoft Windows 8

FREE Sample Module from our Windows 8 course

Windows 8 represents the biggest change in the Windows operating system since Windows 95.  On the plus side, it’s faster, prettier, and very easy to operate for most tasks.  It’s also consistent across desktop computers, tablets, and even Windows phones.  On the minus side, the familiar Start button and Control Panel are gone (or hidden) and users must learn a whole new way of navigating through the Windows environment.  Do the benefits outweigh the concerns?   Take our Windows 8 course to learn more about this brand new version of Windows and how you can use it most effectively, including:

  • Navigating and Customizing the Start Pane
  • Finding the hidden Control Panel to tweak settings
  • Using the mouse or touch-screen to navigate between programs
  • How to troubleshoot program and printer issues
  • Tips and Tweaks on over 50 new Windows features!

Over 2 hours of high quality HD content in the engaging Bigger Brains Teacher/Learner style!

Price: Included in Basic Membership ($17 per month)


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